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The first Fintech company in Italy

We are an Italian company part of the Fintech world, our technological innovation capacity, together with a deep understanding of consultancy processes, has allowed us to create a technological platform to lead the traditional business model towards Fintech and multichannel solutions.

Our Clients can grow with total security, thanks to the continuous controls and to the robustness of our mathematical models, all in the absolute respect of existing regulations.

Deus Technology has given KPMG S.P.A. the mandate to perform an authorized audit of its books as well as the regular verification of its accounts.

Deus: Vision and Values

To help our clients evolve their business model towards Fintech, helping them in the adoption of technologies to improve the quality of the services they provide.

– Deus adopted the slogan “see the future first”, to express the intention of being innovators in a context where pre-empting trends allows important competitive advantages to be made.


Paolo Galli Obtained a degree in Business Administration at Bocconi University in Milan. In 1989, he starts his business by founding MTM, a consultancy company specialising in rates, commodities and currencies. In 1998 he becomes Managing Director of Brainpower, the company that de facto created the so called Decision Support System market segment in Italy, and that in 2006 was acquired by Bloomberg. In 2005, he becomes Managing Director of MoneyMate, a company operating in the decisional support for trade networks, in partnership with IlSole24Ore. Since 2010, he is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Deus Technology.
Pasquale Orlando In 2000, he obtained a degree in Business Administration at Bocconi University in Milan, and starts his activity in Brainpower as consultant to become Strategic Marketing Director with responsibility in value development and steering product management. In 2005, he continues his experience in CapGemini as owner of the Wealth Management value and functional manager on important project with the Allianz Group. In 2006 he become Strategic Marketing Director for MoneyMate, with responsibility for the product development and value proposition. From 2010, he is Head of Strategic Marketing and Co-Founder of Deus Technology.
Silvia Zamperlin After obtaining a degree in Mathematics at the University of Florence, she moves to Milan, where, in 2007, she obtains a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Florence, carrying out research activity in Differential Geometry and teaching (Engineering department) at Milan’s Polytechnic. Since 2007, she followed insurance consultancy projects within the Generali Group, until 2010, when she landed at Deus, as Head of mathematical modelling. Since 2014, she is also Head of delivery.
Eric Bonfadini In 2007, he obtained a degree in Computer Technology from the University of Bergamo. He starts his career in Reply, as consultant for Vodafone Global, working at the Client’s branch in Düsseldorf and following various projects abroad (Sweden, Greece, Germany). He worked mainly on integration projects, in particular in the backend area. He joined Deus Technology in 2010 and now he is CTO and Head of Back-Office architectures.
Mario Manzoni In 1987 he obtained a degree in Economic Statistics and has a very long career in the management of complex projects in the finance sphere. In 1999, after 11 years with Generali Assicurazioni, he starts his experience in the finance world with IlSole24Ore, then worked for 6 years in Brainpower, and, following the acquisition by Bloomberg, Mario decides to continue in the project management sphere at MoneyMate Italy. Mario is one of the founders of Deus and now is Head of Delivery for projects with the main Deus Clients.
Carlo Viola Has a degree in Economics at the University of Siena and a long career in the context of software to support investment decisions. After working for 5 years at Blu Financial Communication, dealing with financial data management, in 2006 he joined Brainpower, dealing with Client consultancy; with the acquisition by Bloomberg he is put in charge of developing informatics support for the mutual fund section. In 2010, he joins Deus as Data Team Manager, with the role of coordinating all the management and development activities associated to the Deus Data-warehouse.
Paolo Martinelli In 1993, he obtained a degree in Physics at the University of Milan. Until 1999, he collaborated on different project for the European Space Agency, amongst which the XMM-Newton X-ray space telescope and the INTEGRAL project (INTErnational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory). In 1999, he started working in the Information Technology field, first as System Engineer and then as Project Manager in the Reply group, collaborating with Vodafone in many international projects in the mobile phone area. In 2011, he joins the Deus Team and today has the role Systems Manager.
Rocco Giglio In 2013, he obtained a degree in Economics and Social Studies at Bocconi University in Milan; during the final phase of his University studies he started working at CFS Rating, getting into close contact with the Asset and Wealth Management world, focussing particularly on the Analysis and Rating of mutual funds and SICAV located in Italy. In 2013, he joins Deus Technology and from 2015 he is Head of Customer Support.
Elena Mauri After graduating in Economics of Institutions and Financial Markets at the University of Bergamo, in 2003 she obtained a Masters in Quantitative Finance from Bocconi University in Milan. From 2006, she worked in IT consulting in the banking sector, where she gained excellent client and project management experience and outstanding knowledge of banking systems, as well as operational and organizational processes. After 8 years at Everis Italia, at the beginning of 2014, she started at Deloitte as an FSI manager and collaborated on numerous projects with leading Italian and international financial institutions. Since 2016, she has worked at Deus Technology where she holds the position of Director of Operations.

Advisory Board

The advisory board is a body of experienced professionals in the field of finance with the purpose of developing research activities on fintech and particularly in the automation of the investment process (roboadvisory).  Thanks to their qualified expertise and knowledge, the members of the board contribute to ensuring the excellent quality of the company’s initiatives.

Members of the advisory board:

  • Roberto Nicastro, (RNK President)
  • Andrea Sironi (professor at Bocconi University in Milan, President of the Italian Stock Exchange and advisor for the London Stock Exchange)
  • Roberto Ferrari (ClubDealOnline Chairman)
  • Luigi Pugliese (Managing Partner of PwC Strategy)
  • Roberto Marsella (Gruppo Generali Head of Portfolio Strategy & Real Estate Partnerships)
  • Dario Frigerio (Fondazione Fiera Milano Vice President, Wealth and Asset Management expert)


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